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7+ years of experience as HR consultant

As an experienced HR consultant, it is my personal concern to support companies in the development and implementation of their individual HR strategies. With many years of experience in recruitment, employee relations, and talent management, I have the skills and knowledge necessary to help organizations achieve their goals through effective HR practices.

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My vision

Every company can be an attractive employer.

My mission

No more shortage of skilled workers thanks to long-term solutions.


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My story

My path to becoming an HR consultant

As an entrepreneur and founder of a personnel marketing agency, I combine my passion for human resources management with my background in business administration. My goal is to help companies find and retain the best talent to drive their growth and success.

After graduating in business administration, I decided to specialize in HR and personnel marketing and set up my own agency. In my work as a consultant and service provider for companies in a wide range of industries, I have been able to further expand my expertise in the areas of recruiting, employer branding and personnel development.

Today, I run my agency with a dedicated team of HR experts and work to develop and implement innovative and customized HR marketing strategies for our clients. In addition, I am involved as a mentor for young founders and share my experiences and insights on my own HR blog.

I am proud to be able to use my work to help companies find and retain the best talent, enabling them to realize their full potential.


My projects & company

The agency that helps companies recruit young talent through digital recruiting.

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Agency StudyAds

StudyAds - experts in digital recruiting and personnel marketing. We support companies in addressing the younger generations and advise on the right approach.

WerBildetAus.de is the first free job exchange for companies to reach pupils and students.

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WerBildetAus.de is the directory for training companies in Germany. We help companies present their company to potential applicants and focus on building a strong employer brand to attract qualified employees in the long term.

Here, companies find exactly the HR service provider they need for their projects.

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HR service provider directory

As part of the HRtalk.de network, we have launched the HR Service Provider Directory. Here, HR managers and HR experts will find a comprehensive overview of HR service providers, from HR consulting to labor law.

My personal blog on HR, employer branding and recruiting. This is where it all began.

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On my blog HRtalk.de, I share my experience and knowledge on the topics of recruiting, employer branding and Gen Z, which I was able to gather through my work at StudyAds and WerBildetAus.de. I am happy to give advice and support and I am glad if I can help with my articles.